Tips For Designing Your Soccer Team Crest


Tips For Designing Your Soccer Team Crest


Tips For Designing Your Soccer Team Crest

Owner, Founder, Clubhouse Athletic

Whether you’re starting a new club or rebranding an established one, designing your new team crest is a defining moment. What first impression are you making on everyone who comes across your logo? How will it reflect your team's values? In the beautiful game, team crests are layered with meaning and history with logos inside logos. It may be a daunting task to start let alone design and decide which one to go with. Below you can find some logos we’ve created with varying complexity and shapes.

Jot down some words that come to mind with the questions to get you started:

  1. What are my team values?

    • This can be corny, but it is always useful to define what your club stands for before getting started on anything. These values can find their ways into the design in subtle, yet important ways.

  2. What is my team history?

    • Even though you are making a NEW logo, staying true to your roots makes a crest more meaningful. This will help when putting in design elements like icons and dates

    • If you are a new team, think of things in your past that lead you to starting this club. For example: previous cities you’ve lived in that are important to you and your players make-up - do they all share something in common?

  3. What colors ring true to your club?

    • Colors can be more synonymous with a clubs brand than their logo. They are defining in team personality. Are you a gritty, grayscale club? A flashy bright lights, electric yellow team? Here is a great website to get inspiration from:

  4. What shape are you?

    • It may seem silly, but badge shapes having different personalities when you see them. It’s subjective, so when you browse through designs for inspiration - go with your gut when you see something you connect with. It can be hard to find which shape fits your club best. Our tip is to not let the designs inside the shape sway you from making your decision because those will be swapped out regardless for your own.


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By Adam LaVitola

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