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A Fresh Look for GoLive Tournaments

A Fresh Look for GoLive Tournaments

Clubhouse Athletic has partnered with GoLive Tournaments to enhance its brand image and marketing efforts for the new AAU basketball season. On Saturday, April 6th, GoLive Tournaments kicked off the spring AAU season with its first tournament at Canlan Sports Libertyville, featuring 44 programs from around the area. This collaboration aims to spotlight Clubhouse Athletic’s involvement in local sports and expand its reach among programs and athletes.

Logo Rebrand

For years, the GoLive Tournaments featured a neon green shield with a basketball as their primary logo. Clubhouse overhauled the GoLive brand by changing the colors and redesigning the tournament's emblem. The Clubhouse designers created an icon logo, a league badge logo, and a wordmark for all operations. The retro vibes pay homage to the classic ABA basketball league, with its iconic red, white, and blue colorway. This tournament aims to bring a fun, refreshed take on youth basketball tournaments in the area. The main part of the logo positions the basketball within the 'V,' in the shape of a trophy. In the wordmark version of the logo, the 'G' after the basketball combines with it to spell 'Go,' while the 'V' contributes to spelling out 'Live,' effectively representing the brand's name, GoLive.

Event Execution

The goal for Clubhouse was to transform the GoLive Tournaments from simple basketball games into a multi-faceted event. As partners, Clubhouse set up a booth to distribute tournament t-shirts to contest winners and tournament champions. A branded backdrop was positioned alongside the booth for winning teams to take celebratory photos with their medals. Additionally, on an unoccupied court, a three-point contest was organized, allowing participants to score up to 11 points from nine shots around the arc, concluding with a 'money ball' shot from the volleyball line. Throughout the day, the Clubhouse media team was there to capture the tournament's standout moments on video, including a dramatic game-winning, buzzer-beater step-back shot in overtime.


For the tournament's merchandise, 'Tipoff Tourney' shirts featuring a charming graphic of personified basketballs were created. This appealing design captivated players, their families, and parents alike. Additionally, custom red, white, and blue basketballs were introduced for the three-point contest and the sale quickly became a hit, with their unique color blocking making them stand out. Moreover, the Clubhouse team demonstrated exceptional customer service, providing temporary jerseys for Kessel Training basketball players while their official uniforms were in transit. Clubhouse managed any concerns from Kessel's parents and addressed inquiries from all other event attendees, ensuring a smooth and enjoyable experience for all.

Teams Participated

Teams of boys and girls from 4th grade through high school participated in the Tipoff Tourney at Canlan Sports Libertyville, showcasing a wide range of young talent. Below is the list of local teams that took part:

4th Grade

1. Full Package

2. Hoopademix Orange (Ken)

3. Kessel 4 Blue

5th Grade

4. Flight

5. Full Package Black

6. IL Attack

59. Kessel Blue (M. Simpson)

96. Racine

6th Grade

7. Full Package White

8. Next Up Hoops (Bloomer)

9. Hoopademix White (Alejandro)

10. IL Attack

7th Grade East

11. Racine Truth

12. Full Package Black

13. Kessel 7 Blue

7th Grade West

16. Hoopademix Grey (Ken)

17. Full Package Select

18. Kessel 7 Grey

19. Pac Elite (Walker)

8th Grade

20. Hoop District (Philemon)

21. Kessel 8 Blue

22. Pac Elite (Cartwright)

23. Kessel National (K. Kessel)

95. GPA

Jr. High

15. CBG (Hicks)

24. Gallo (Kowalczuk)

25. Full Package Select

26. All In (Jackson)

High School East

27. CBG (Hendrix)

28. Kessel HS Blue

29. Hoop District (Serrano)

94. Pac Elite (Cartwright)

High School West

30. Sharks Basketball Academy

31. CBG (Casebolt)

32. Racine Truth 

Girls - 5th Grade

33. Racine 5th

34. Kessel 5 Pink

35. Full Package 5th

Girls - 7th Grade

36. Libertyville Orange (Casey)

37. All in (Collins)

38. Kessel 7/8 Pink 

Girls - JV

39. Hoopademix Orange (Ashley)

40. Kessel White

41. Racine Warriors 

Marketing Metrics

Thanks to the unveiling of the new logo and extensive media coverage, the tournament's Instagram page experienced a significant surge in attention, attracting new followers and engagement. Over the reported period, the 63 pieces of content shared reached 12,000 accounts, marking a 4,400% increase compared to the previous month. This growth boosted engagement rates by 4,700%, involving over 500 accounts actively. Additionally, followers increased by more than 13%.
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