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Best Vintage Colorado High School Logos

Best Vintage Colorado High School Logos

Colorado's professional sports have some of the nation's best vintage logos, including the Denver Nuggets' rainbow logo and the Denver Broncos' orange "D" logo. But what about the retro logos at the high school level?

Top Five

The Colorado High School Activities Association updated its school directory for the 2023-24 school year, listing 367 member schools. After reviewing every single school in the state, five were identified as having the best vintage logos, along with some honorable mentions.

  • Alamosa High School Mean Moose (Alamosa, CO)
    • Description: The cartoon moose, with a mean look, stands against a backdrop of Alamosa's snow-capped mountains, symbolizing the area's wildlife and natural beauty in a design that pays homage to its moose population.
    • Opinion: The "mean moose" nickname embodies the geographical vibe with a creatively designed logo that pairs the school's character with the town's picturesque landscapes of grassy terrains and mountains.

  • Jefferson High School Saints (Edgewater, CO)
    • Description: A baby-like figure, with a mischievous grin and angelic attire, embodies the spirit of the school’s mascot, the saints, by holding a giant 'J' to represent Jefferson.
    • Opinion: Unlike most teams named the Saints that use the fleur-de-lis as their symbol, Jefferson chose a different direction with a mascot that combines angelic features and a freaky demeanor to create an intimidating presence through its facial expression.

  • Rocky Ford High School Meloneers (Rocky Ford, CO) 
    • Description: The mascot, a muscular figure with the shape of a melon and decked out in Rocky Ford's school colors, celebrates the town's proud history of producing world-famous cantaloupes and watermelons.
    • Opinion: Incorporating fruit into the mascot and transforming it into a fierce logo sets the Meloneers apart as one of the most memorable brands in high school sports nationwide.

  • Sargent High School Farmers (Monte Vista, CO)
    • Description: Sargent High School, located in a region known for agriculture and related industries, has the nickname 'The Farmers,' with a logo featuring a figure holding a pitchfork and a piece of hay in its mouth to embody the hardworking attitude of local farmers
    • Opinion: Sargent thoughtfully chose 'Farmers' as its school name to honor its agricultural roots, creating a logo where a figure wears an 'SF' belt for Sargent Farmers as part of a design that emphasizes the school's deep connection to farming.

  • South Park High School Burros (Fairplay, CO)
    • Description: The South Park High School logo showcases a green burro, symbolic of Colorado's westward settlement, blowing smoke from its nose with 'SP' on its arm, capturing the school's identity and historical connections.
    • Opinion: The mascot, which might be mistaken for a donkey, is a burro, serving as a creative nickname for South Park High School due to its connection with the school's location.

Honorable Mentions

Colorado may not have as many vintage high school logos as other states, but it does have a few notable ones, all featuring bird emblems. Interestingly, three share the same nickname, the “Eagles," while another is represented by the "Bluejays.”

  • Eagles:
    • Adams City High School Eagles (Commerce City, CO) 

    • Pueblo East High School Eagles (Pueblo, CO)

    • Wray Junior Senior High School Eagles (Wray, CO)

  • Bluejays
    • Mancos High School Bluejays (Manco, CO)

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