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Best Vintage Indiana High School Logos

Best Vintage Indiana High School Logos

The Hoosier state is famous for its strong pride and enthusiasm for athletics, especially basketball. The state showcases a rich sports culture with its unique nickname, "Hoosiers," and many high schools have creative names as well with classic mascot logos.

Top Five

Numerous notable high school nicknames in Indiana pay homage to their town or history. Below are the top five best vintage logos in the state, accompanied by some honorable mentions.

  • Hobart High School Brickies (Hobart, IN) 
    • Description: A man, dressed in purple and yellow attire and recognized as a bricklayer or 'bricky', displays a large 'H' for Hobart while holding a shovel with coal in one hand and a brick in the other.
    • Opinion: The name "Brickies" stands out as an uncommon and characterful mascot, with its logo having a smile on its face, and appearing prideful of its labor and the school it represents.
  • Marion High School Giants (Marion, IN)
    • Description: A giant figure of a man flexes his arm, with an 'M' serving as the emblem for the town and school name, Marion.
    • Opinion: The character gives Disney Hercules vibes with its golden blonde hair and strong physique, yet the giant figure uniquely embodies a toughness that enhances the Marion brand.

  • Noblesville High School Millers (Noblesville, IN)
    • Description: The school's mascot, featured on the logo, portrays a sturdy man carrying a sack over his shoulder, known as a Miller, paying homage to the historic Noblesville Milling Company located in the same town as the school.
    • Opinion: While the character may initially appear to be just a strong man carrying a sack, there is a deeper meaning behind it being a so-called Miller, which adds complexity and depth to the logo.

  • Northeast Dubois High School Jeeps (Dubois, IN)
    • Description: The logo displays a fictional animal, a Jeep, positioned between two large ND letters representing Northeast Dubois.
    • Opinion: The Jeep resembles a combination of an elephant and a rat, creating an intimidating and creepy-looking mascot that nobody else has, setting the school apart from others.

  • Rensselaer Central High School Bombers (Rensselaer, IN)
    • Description: The cartoon bomb, with a human smile, wears a red and black sweater featuring an 'R', symbolizing Rensselaer.
    • Opinion: At first glance, the logo appears to be a rocket with the 'R' in its center, but upon closer look, it reveals itself to be a bomb, serving as the school's mascot.

Honorable Mentions

  • Eagles: 
    • Lanesville High School Eagles (Lanesville, IN)

    • South Bend Adams High School Eagles (South Bend, IN)

  • Bloomfield High School Cardinals (Bloomfield, IN)

  • Madison Consolidated High School Cubs (Madison, IN)

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