Building a Varsity Basketball Program | Sayler Shurtz Herrin High School Interview

Welcome to our Clubhouse Talks, where we feature inspiring personalities in the sports industry. In this episode, we sit down with Coach Sayler Shurtz, head coach of the varsity basketball program at Herrin High School in Illinois.

Coach Shurtz has transformed the program in the past six years, taking the team from .500 ball to excellence. He's built a winning culture from scratch, using creative branding, social media, and philanthropy events to create buzz and engagement in the community.

In this video, Coach Shurtz shares his insights on how he built a successful high school basketball program from the ground up. He discusses his approach to coaching, the importance of team culture and leadership, and how he leveraged social media and community involvement to build a following for his team.

If you're a high school basketball coach, player, or fan, this video is a must-watch. Learn from Coach Shurtz's experience and get inspired to take your program to the next level.

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