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New Age High School Sports Media: Stevachii, Field Vision Media

New Age High School Sports Media: Stevachii, Field Vision Media

In this episode of Clubhouse Talks, we chat with Steven “Stevachii” Cannon, founder of Field Vision Media. Alongside his wife Jessi, Stevachii has created a media company that operates at the youth, high school, and college levels of sports. Specializing in videography and photography, their primary focus is lacrosse, capturing the game's action and pivotal moments. During the episode, Stevachii shares his career journey, discusses the current landscape of social media in sports, and offers insights on how to get involved in the industry.


Stevachii has been active in the media realm for the last 13 years and has found a role in the sports industry over the past six years. His company has a strong presence across Illinois and is now expanding nationwide. His breakthrough came when he started working with Benedictine (Ben U) University’s men’s lacrosse team, which opened his doors in the lacrosse world. On social media, Stevachii’s personal Instagram account has 14,000 followers, while Field Vision Media has attracted over 10,000 followers. Stevachii also maintains an active profile on TikTok. Recently, Field Vision Media partnered with the popular sports media company SLOCHE to further promote lacrosse and expand their audience reach.

Finding Your Way

Stevachii, who values building real relationships, has found this crucial for personal growth and success in various aspects of life. Although he had prior media experience, his first opportunity to film lacrosse came through his best friend, a youth lacrosse coach. This relationship, along with the chance he was given, proved life-changing. While his initial gig filming lacrosse wasn’t the most glamorous, it helped Stevachii discover his passion for the sport and learn how to produce high-quality content. A significant lesson he learned was that early in one's career, even if the pay isn't great, continuing to work hard is invaluable due to the learning experiences one can gain.

Starting Sports Content

Today, anyone can begin recording content with just an iPhone or any other smartphone that has a camera. Simply getting out to a game and starting to record is an excellent way to gain practical experience. As individuals acquire expertise and decide to pursue a career, upgrading to a professional camera becomes essential to enhance their work. Stevachii stresses that success in the sports field and life, in general, relies heavily on consistency. Continually improving your skills, expanding your network, and building relationships within the industry are critical steps for career development.

The Social Media Effect

When Stevachii entered the lacrosse industry, he was new to the sport at a time when its popularity was on the rise. His media content has brought additional attention to lacrosse, both in person and online. Stevachii makes an insightful comparison to Caitlin Clark and the surge in popularity of women’s basketball. Few would understand what a lacrosse or women’s basketball game involves without video coverage. Social media keeps this content highly visible, enticing more people to attend games in person, as media plays a key role in shaping the narrative of these sports.

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