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The Ultimate Guide to Lacrosse Shooting Shirts

The Ultimate Guide to Lacrosse Shooting Shirts

As spring marks the beginning of the high school lacrosse season, every team is looking for the essential Lacrosse Shooting Shirt. Yet, what are shooting shirts? What do shooting shirts do? What is the difference between a shooting shirt and a regular shirt?

The Simple Answer

A lacrosse shooting shirt is designed to be worn under a pinny or jersey for players' comfort and flexibility during practice and warm-ups. The name might suggest it is solely for shooting lacrosse balls, however, in reality, it serves multiple purposes.

Why a Lacrosse Shooting Shirt?

The product's primary purpose is to provide players with breathable material to wear underneath their game-day jerseys. The shirt's colors and appearance can match the uniform, giving it a complete look and feel. Depending on the level of detail in the design, the shirt can be worn as a standalone jersey for scrimmages and practice. Even off the field, a player can wear a lacrosse shooting shirt for comfort while displaying team spirit.

Product Options

  • Basic: Gildan Ultra Cotton T-shirt
    • If you are looking for the most affordable option, this product will work.
    • It is made from cotton rather than high-performance fabric. 
    • It accommodates only screen-printed custom branding.
  • Basic: Sports-Tek Competitor Performance Shirt
    • This product option is a step up, offering better performance.
    • It is made from moisture-wicking fabric to keep it dry.
    • It only supports custom branding through screen printing.
  • Premium: CA Pro-Fit Lacrosse Shooting Shirt ($40.27)
    • This product is a perfect choice, featuring performance enhancements and specialized sublimation printing for custom designs.

Our Solution

Clubhouse Athletic offers the Pro-Fit Lacrosse Shooting Shirt as a premium, custom-fit option designed for wear under a player's uniform. While the lacrosse shooting shirt is made specifically for the sport, it also serves a dynamic, multi-purpose function both on and off the field. The shirt’s Pro-Fit type is a snug, tailored fit for athletic wear that moves with the athlete, reducing drag and improving performance. Consistent with every product at Clubhouse Athletic, the lacrosse shooting shirt includes extensive customization options to capture the brand of any team perfectly.

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