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Team Store Breakdown: Kessel AAU Basketball

Team Store Breakdown: Kessel AAU Basketball

The Kessel Training team store has reopened for the 2024 spring season with an updated merchandise look and a new streamlined uniform ordering system. This system simplifies the process by delivering personalized team merchandise directly to parents' doorsteps and offers on-demand production. Kessel administrators will benefit from a hassle-free experience without the need to manage inventory, respond to sizing inquiries, handle order questions, or track deliveries.

Uniform Ordering

Uniforms: Kessel launched their new uniform and required all players to pre-order it before the season started. The pre-order ensured they had the right amount of uniforms - no longer overbuying and storing inventory in a garage. The Kessel Training 2024 Reversible Uniform Set is a classic pro-fit style made from 100% butterfly mesh, featuring the capability of having two sides.

Sizing: A size chart is available to determine the ideal size for products in the shop. It is an interactive tool that lets customers input their body measurements, helping them calculate the exact size of the product they should buy.

Jersey Number Reservations: A key feature of the Kessel team store’s uniform ordering process is the jersey number reservation system. The reservation allows players to select and secure their preferred number at checkout, ensuring uniqueness within the team. This system avoids duplication and simplifies the ordering process, boosting team unity and player satisfaction.


Kessel has established a distinctive brand through its unique colors and style, offering a range of products from activewear to everyday comfort gear. Teams can customize their merchandise from the available product types to align with their brand identity and stand out. 

Team Pre-Orders

Pre-ordering is a strategic approach that enables the program to supply custom-made products, including uniforms and gear, without the risk of overstocking, thus efficiently managing inventory. 

    • Kessel Training Personalized Team-Play Hoodie ($68.68):
      • A customizable hoodie featuring individual names and numbers on the back, ideal for showcasing personal identity within a team.
    • 2023 Kessel Training Travel Backpack ($59.99):
      • A 5-pocket sports bag designed for basketball players, featuring dedicated compartments for a basketball, shoes, warm-up gear, and uniform.                                         
      • Kessel Training Pro-Fit Snap Short-Sleeve Statement Jacket ($55.28):
        • A retro snap-up warm-up jacket, customizable with the player's name and number for a personalized touch.

      On-Demand Products

      On-demand products are printed when orders are placed, allowing for a wider product selection without requiring extensive inventory storage.

      • Kessel Training 2024 Unisex Hoodie by Gildan ($44.00):
        • A classic Gildan sweatshirt in various team colors, made from a blend of 50% pre-shrunk cotton and 50% polyester, ensuring lasting comfort and durability.                                                                                                             
      • Kessel Training Trucker Cap by Yupoong ($34.50):
        • A trucker-style hat featuring a breathable mesh back and an adjustable strap, ensuring the right fit for any head size.      
      • Kessel Training Performance T-Shirt by A4 Athletics ($30.76):
        • A relaxed-fit performance t-shirt crafted from 100% polyester, ideal for both active and casual wear.                                
      • Kessel Training Unisex T-shirt by Gildan ($28.75):
        • A comfortable t-shirt made from 100% ring-spun cotton, an essential piece of spirit wear.                                               

      Benefits and Summary

      Efficiency and Flexibility: The mix of pre-orders and on-demand sales optimizes inventory management and cash flow, reducing financial risks associated with unsold stock.

      Customization and Personalization: Providing personalized products creates a stronger bond between the team and its supporters, boosting player morale and increasing fan loyalty.

      Brand Strengthening: Through high-quality, custom, and on-demand merchandise, the program strengthens its brand, extending its reach and impact within the community.

      Customer Satisfaction: The wide product range, combined with customization options and an efficient ordering system, ensures a positive shopping experience, meeting the varied needs of players and fans.

      The Kessel team store exemplifies a strategic approach to AAU basketball program merchandising. The store efficiently balances pre-orders with on-demand offerings and incorporates jersey number reservations, significantly enhancing team unity, brand identity, and customer engagement.

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