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The Ultimate Guide to Porthole Mesh Lacrosse Jerseys

The Ultimate Guide to Porthole Mesh Lacrosse Jerseys

When choosing a team uniform for lacrosse, programs encounter a variety of options. Among these, the porthole mesh lacrosse jersey stands out as a style that recently regained popularity. This article explains the resurgence of the porthole mesh lacrosse jersey, highlighting why it is regaining popularity, exploring the options available within lacrosse team uniforms, and detailing the unique benefits and features that make it a top choice for players and teams.

The Simple Answer

A porthole mesh lacrosse jersey is a lightweight and breathable uniform designed with open mesh material to improve airflow and comfort during games. Its vintage-inspired style adds a retro touch to the sport while offering lighter material for wear during play.

Revival of Porthole Mesh Style

The world of sports apparel, much like various sides of fashion, is experiencing a resurgence of vintage styles—a trend that lacrosse jerseys have followed. Pursuing that classic vintage look, porthole mesh lacrosse jerseys, initially popular in the 1970s, 80s, and 90s, are making a comeback. This revival gives teams the old-school look of that era's iconic fashion. Returning to historical designs brings depth and character to team uniforms, enriching them with a sense of tradition and style.

Teams at higher levels of lacrosse, including college and professional leagues, have embraced the trend of porthole mesh jerseys. For instance, the Towson Tigers, a Division 1 men’s lacrosse program, wear a gold retro porthole mesh jersey. Their uniform achieved national recognition when UNISWAG awarded it the Uniform of the Year. Meanwhile, professionally, the Premier Lacrosse League unveiled 90s-inspired throwback mesh jerseys for all teams in the league. The up-and-coming league honored the 90s era by reintroducing the porthole mesh material as part of their branding.

Courtesy Tiffany DeBoer of TowsonCourtesy Premier Lacrosse League

Other Jersey Options

  • Classic Lacrosse Short Sleeve Jersey
    • The traditional fit for a jersey is a versatile cut that balances between not too tight and not too loose, designed for comfort, ease of movement, and a timeless look.
  • Pro-Fit Lacrosse Short Sleeve Jersey
    • The Pro-fit for a jersey is a tighter, more form-fitting cut designed to reduce fabric bulk, enhance aerodynamics, and improve performance, catering to athletes' needs for efficiency and speed.

Why a Porthole Mesh Jersey

If a team seeks that vintage lacrosse jersey vibe while also prioritizing comfort and breathability during play, the Porthole Mesh Lacrosse Jersey is the perfect choice. Designed for peak performance, the jersey uses small-holed porthole mesh to keep players cool on the field. Made from durable materials with reinforced stitching and a lightweight build, it meets the demands of the game while ensuring players look sharp and feel great. Additionally, teams can customize their uniforms to align with their brand and vintage style.

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