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Upgrade: 2-Ply Cotton Lined Neck Gaiters

Upgrade: 2-Ply Cotton Lined Neck Gaiters

Summary: When the news came out about gaiters effectiveness in protecting from the Covid-19 spread. our inboxes were full of inquiries and questions. While our original gaiters are thicker and stronger than the ones in this test, we still felt the obligation to go further. So, we added a cotton liner on the inside of the gaiter to help keep you safe and warm this winter season.

Why the 2-ply?

Well..a couple of reasons.

  1. Safety: The thicker the mask, the more droplets it will be able to contain. The more droplets a mask contains, the more effective the mask is in preventing the spread. These cotton lined gaiters add an additional line of protection between you and whoever you’re coming in contact with.

  2. Warmth: We’re based out of Chicago. So, we know what lies ahead this winter. The neck gaiter without the cotton liner rests around your neck and keeps you covered there. But, the added cotton layer keeps you well insulated - and probably for the first time since masks were mandated, you’ll prefer to wear the mask out of comfortability. These gaiter masks will probably stay popular beyond the pandemic because of this reason.

How can I customize it?

Our gaiter masks are made of polyester on the outside. So, we can fully sublimate (all over printing) the entire mask with your colors, patterns, and logos.

Want a custom mock-up? Shoot us a message here to get in touch.

Want to design your own? Use our design templates here.

What materials are the neck gaiters made of?

 Our neck gaiters use a combination of polyester, spandex, and cotton.

  • Outside: 100% polyester/spandex. This allows us to use sublimation printing to customize your design.

  • Inside: 100% cotton. This is for additional protection and warmth.

Are gaiter masks effective?

There are a lot of opinions and ever-evolving research on masks and their effectiveness to fight the spread of the corona virus. We wrote an article about the effectiveness of gaiter masks here. We suggest you got to the CDC website for even more information.

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